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Winged Tiger is a quest obtainable from the Elder of the City of Plume at level 27 It is explained that the Winged Tiger was a half-Untamed, half-Elf, revered in his lifetime for his abilities, but now lost to evil; even the Winged Tiger's body and his corrupted spirit remain unrecovered. The Elder sends the player to the Elven Recluse, who bids the player to first retrieve the Winged Tiger's Spirit.

  • City of Plume Elder 328 428
  • Winged Elf Recluse south of Plume 320 330
  • Winged Tiger's spirit west of Archosaur at 447 670; a system message pops up automatically once the location is reached. On the river side of a big rock at the river's edge, within sight of the bridge across the Phoenix River that leads to the Silk Ridge.
  • The physical remains of the Winged Tiger are in Etherblade Lake under water at 488 902; they must be 'harvested' from an entity at the bottom of the lake
  • Winged Elf Recluse

10% chance of either Celestone of Human, Earth, or Heaven, 70% of Celestone Fragments. Gold, 6,450; Experience, 7200; Spirit, 1800

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