Viriddis Stormhorn War Avatar

Viriddis Stormhorn War Avatar

Aerox Metal-Element level 55 boss, the target of the Town of Arrivals quest from the Blacksmith Teng -117 640- in the town of the same name

Stormhorn and a Taurox Marksman, Thug, and Berserker, all circle a tall ridge of rock columns to the northwest of the quest's namesake town. The ridge stretches from 119 679 to 107 686.

Stormhorn does Area of Effect damage. at one He was at one time, reputed to be able to hit ranged attackers with physical attacks at long range, even though he is armed with a polehammer (Viriddis Stormhorn, forums).

A Venomancer's level 73 Glacial Walker tank pet can stay alive against Viriddis, if the Venomancer has Heal Pet level 10 and 300 magic. If the Venomancer also has 4000 metal resist, as is quite easy at that and even lower levels, they will take almost no damage from Stormhorn's ranged attack.

Viriddis will spit out, with no noticable animation, this ranged AoE metal damage on occasion, even while attacking tanks at melee range. All vulnerable low level party members should stay a good distance away from any significant sources of aggro, and avoid becoming such if at all possible.

☆☆Devil Hunter's Sword, ☆☆Devil Hunter's Ring (Glaive)- damage 290-434. the Ring has the same midrange damage as, but is faster by 25% than, the ☆☆Wand of the Red Dragon from the Jewelscalen quest. The Sundown Town Elder offers that quest of the same level range - Skull Mountain Invader...the subquest of which, naturally enough, has same name as its target-Jewelscalen.

666 XP, 104 Spirit. 271,347 HP. His Physical attack is much stronger: (1528-3565) than his Magic Attack (764-1783). His defense is also stronger against physical-2342- than his magic defense, except of course for Metal magic-2356. Weak against Fire magic at 846, with the rest 1450.


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