Try Your Best
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Innkeeper Mei
Inn of the Eagle
End Innkeeper Mei
Level 1
Location Inn of the Eagle
Rewards Coins (45)
Exp (75)
Spirit (20)
Rep (1)
Small Potion (5)
Class Weapon
Try Your Best was the first quest when a player started as a Human class. After the Eclipse expansion, all characters started at Celestial Vale and this and other quests were moved into the 20s and above.

Since players begin in CV and teleport to their home city when first arriving in Perfect World, they will not be travelling to the "nearby" City, but rather from there, to the nearby Inn of the Eagle, to do this quest.

The quest's advice about navigation is no longer present in its Celestial Vale counterpart, and in its stead is a hint about the new Auto-Path system. Players are left to discover the capabilities of the Minimap and Coordinates Assistant on their own.

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Innkeeper Mei and select between killing 10 Emerald Quinfu or Ogre Blossoms. After killing the required amount, return and speak with Innkeeper Mei. When this quest is completed you recieve First Time to the City (Human).

Description Edit

Etherblade is not far from here. You are destined to be one of its protectors. But before you go to see the Elder of Etherblade, you have to prove your ability. You can choose one trial of the two trials I have prepared for you.

Kill Emerald QuinfusEdit

See the Emerald Quinfus around in the woods? They are the weakest creature here, but they can still be troublesome for beginners. Kill 10 of them and report back to me with the assistance of your Mini-Map.

Kill Ogre Blossoms Edit

Don't be captivated by their beauty. They would be extremely happy to swallow you whole. Kill 10 Ogre Blossoms and return to me. It should be easy to find me with the assistance of your Mini-Map.

Completion Edit

I've never doubted your capabilities, but this time you have exceeded my expectations. You can go to Etherblade now. In the city you will meet with the first Guard you come across. I heard that the Pentastral Beetles outside the city are causing a lot of trouble. You will need to kill 10 of them to show your loyalty and introduce yourself to the city Guards. Head north on the road and you can reach the city.

These 5 small healing potions can recover a small amount of HP. Take them with you as they will be useful on your journey. But before you leave, I shall also teach you how to locate people and places. See the Mini-Map in the top right? You can click on the Coordinates Assistant button and all important places will be shown on the list. Double-click the items in the list you want to find and it will make their icons show on the Mini-Map. This way you will never be lost.

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