Wraithgate and Lunar Glade can be run in multiple modes, including Trophy Mode. The rewards are great: items (e.g. Gold Medal: Wraithgate) that are used in the Token of Glory: Wraithgate quest to get Cloaks (see below) with stat bonuses. These Tokens of Glory can in turn be used for the S. Robe: Dominance quest to get one of the more powerful items in the game: ☆☆Supreme Robe: Dominance

☆Passionate Robe: Wraithgate. Also ☆Calm-, ☆Swift- and ☆Energetic Robe: Wraithgate

☆Chromatic-, ☆Glorious-, ☆Vigorous-, and ☆Eminent Robe: Wraithgate can also be used to get the Token of Glory: Wraithgate

Token of Glory: Eden

Token of Glory: Wraithgate=

Token of Glory: Hallucination=

Token of Glory: Brimstone Pit=

Token of Glory: Frost=

Token of Glory: Seat of Torment=

Token of Glory: Abaddon=

Token of Glory: Lunar Glade=

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