This level 48-60 quest can be acquired in the Town of Arrivals, in the far west, from Blacksmith Teng 117 640

The level 55 boss Viriddis Stormhorn, and a Taurox Marksman, Thug, and Berserker, all circle a tall ridge of rock columns to the northwest of the quest's namesake town. The ridge stretches from 119 679 to 107 686.

Stormhorn does Area of Effect damage. at one He was at one time, reputed to be able to hit ranged attackers with physical attacks at long range, even though he is armed with a polehammer (Viriddis Stormhorn, forums).

Rewards ☆☆Devil Hunter's Sword, ☆☆Devil Hunter's Ring (Glaive)- damage 290-434, same midrange damage as the ☆☆Wand of the Red Dragon from the Sundown Town Elder's quest of the same level range

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