A wearable item, as opposed to Skill Books or other books

Wearable item that enhances Class Traits or Mana/HP regen. Since the regeneration enhancement is at a one to one ratio with the Traits, it is arguably more powerful in this slot than elsewhere, where it would be replacing larger stat bonuses.

Wearing any Tome makes it unnecessary to feed your Pets, removing the timer for Hunger. Feeding will still be necessary to raise their Loyalty if that is desired

Level 1 tomes must be made with three Mystical Tome Fragments and four Mystical Tome Pages. Fragments can be bought at merchants, but used to only be able to be obtained at the Valley of Reciprocity while doing Rebirth Orders, can be bought and sold in the Auction House under Materials > Others > Valley of Reciprocity. Pages can be bought at the Boutique or crafted with Perfect * Token of Luck at the PWI Boutique Agent

Other levels must be made with three of the next lower level's tomes, except for Level 5 tomes, which can also be made using a Script of Fate.

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