Thousand Streams is the highest level city in Perfect World. It is home to the portals to Lothranis and Momaganon, also known as Hell World and Heaven World. The monsters around it are level 81-89. Before 2015, when teleport locations began to be given automatically in the 30s levels, reaching Thousand Streams for the first time was very dificult. The easiest route was teleporting to Etherblade and flying directly West.

Teleporting back to Archosaur is not only easy, but potentially free, if the player speaks with Mira Laedi in Thousand Streams; whichever city they enter the Realm of Reflection, they will always exit in Archosaur.

Only in the Thousand Streams area itself will Town Portal or Portal Incense transport the player to there (the rest all transport to the surrounding towns of North Barrier Village, East Barrier Village or South Barrier Village), but it is much quicker than flying up to elevation 37 from 20 or so.

Quests Edit

North Barrier Village Edit

East Barrier Village Edit

South Barrier Village Edit

Another Daily Quest here, from the Jewelcraftsman, with prerequisites

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