Ten two-part quests added by the Rising Tide expansion, all completed by a Lochmur NPC; the Lochmurs refer to each other in the quest dialogue as acquaintances.

The first part of each quest is listed in the quest guide; other than the first quest begun by another Lochmur, the NPCs for the first part are humans. The objective of the first part of the quest is always, to visit the Lochmur; the character can forego this part and go straight to the Lochmur to begin the second part of the quest, which will eliminate the first part completely

They are not a chain; each quest has only a level requirement to start it. Each quest can be completed before the lower level quests

Rising Tide Adventure Quests[Treasure Hunt] -forums

The first six of the quests give Perfect Stone chi as a reward; many give rejuvenation potions

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