The Blood of Wraith
Quest Information
Type normal
Start Elder Huo
Whetstone Keep
(538, 416)
End Elder Huo
Location 589 444
Rewards Gold (8800), Exp (22000), Spirit (6600)

Part of a massive chain from Elder Huo that arguably starts with Earn the Trust, but officially starts with Wraith's Disturbance.

The preceding quest is a little confusing, but since you can kill anything in the Swamp and get kill credits, it is unlikely to be so for long.

However, The Blood of Wraith that follows has very confusing explanatory text; the target is not named, and contrary to the quest's use of the determining "them", it is a singular creature, namely, the Vicious Devourer, in the Swamp next to the Wraithgate portal. (589 444)

Hit it, and after a certain amount of damage is done, a window pops up. You may finish him off or run; either way, once the window pops up, the quest is complete.

This quest can be completed with a glitch in another completely unrelated quest; while this quest is active, getting to the later stages of The Talking Frog quest completes the main part of this quest, with full completion only requiring returning to Elder Huo.

The next quest, The Final Fight, is a little tricky. Because the Vicious Devourer is not aggressive to its user, unlike the way that Suzerix is aggressive to the user of the item that weakens him, it will not initiate combat when used. Because Vicious Devourer has been damaged, and he has "left combat" as soon as it is used, he immediately begins regaining life, and the item is entirely wasted. Just trash the quest and start again if this happens, but of course, the trick is to use the item after combat has started.

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