Tellus City facing South

Facing South at the fountain

Tellus City is the home city of the Earthguard. It is a city surrounded by a ring of cliffs, in the south of Perfect World; its northern borders were once impassable to characters.

It is the most elaborately decorated of the cities; the graphics for the Earthguard expansion as a whole was obviously a labor of love. The trees are the autumn colors of the lands to the west

Tellus City
Tellus City Fountain
Fountain and Teleport Master
Location Information
Type City
Level 19+
Territory Southern Reaches
Inhabitants Earthguard

It is, however, the least practical city in terms of using NPCs, taking over that role from Plume City. Not only are its Crafting merchants and wise men separated into eastern and western quarters, as in the Elven capital, but they are surrounded by walls and only accessible by air or by going out the single northern gate.

Other cities' borders are surrounded by level 19 monsters; Tellus City has monsters way over level 60 wandering not far outside of its protective walls, for the quests following the Fissure.

The walking route from Tellus City to Archosaur became the most difficult of the paths from the main cities to Archosaur, replacing that from City of Raging Tides, until the opening of Celestial Vale at the release of the Eclipse expansion.

Teleport Edit

Restless Remnants

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