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Tauroc Stevedore

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Tauroc Stevedore
Tauroc Stevedore
Tauroc Stevedore
Level 7
Attack melee
Element Metal
Family Tauroc
Health 363
Aggro No
Weaknesses Wood
Tamable Yes
This type of monster lives around the Outskirts of Etherblade. It is non-aggressive and can be tamed as a pet by Venomancer.

Locations Edit

Area Level Amount Notes
Etherblade Outskirts 7 None

Item DropsEdit

Name Type Requirement Price
Medium Healing Potion Potion Level 5 25
Medium Mana Potion Potion Level 5 30
Wraith Officers Envelope Lucky Item None
Organic Glue Material None 60
Red Jade Material None 30
Mystical Fur Dragon Quest None 1
Mystical Meat Dragon Quest None 1
Bison Horn Necklace Gear 7 270

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