Swiftwind Totem

Swiftwind area facing north; Swiftwind Tribe Village to the west and the Totem poles to the east; Mount Burhan in the distance

List of Level 40-49 Quests

Plains in and to the west of the eastern bow (curve) in the Originia River. Mount Burhan cuts through it and divides the camps of its inhabitants into the northern Sumor Camp and the southern Swiftwind Tribe and Tradewind Village. All three villages have teleporters, with hefty fees of many thousands of coin.

Autumn-Flower Invader Weed

Two quest elements from the Autumn Seasonal Harbinger quests, in Unicorn Forest north of Tradewind Village

The Wraiths are commonly plantlike here (Trees and Maneaters), with canines making up the other part of the great majority of the ground creatures.

There are other families of enemy represented here, but only by one or two species; the familiar Centipede type, a Hexocelot Sharpshooter, a new enemy race, the ape (and a good pet for the Venomancer as well, the white ones) and two kinds of Leopardite. In the air are Vipions.

Sumor Camp Edit

Broken Plain teleports here

Mount Burhan Edit

Swiftwind TribeEdit

Tradewind VillageEdit

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