Roughly, a level 70-80 area. Wraithgate entrance is in the northeast

List of Level 60-69 Quests and List of Level 70-79 Quests

Players will probably be familiar with the reduction of damage which occurs while fighting in the air against ground targets and vice versa. This is true of land and water also, and there are many places in the Swamp that count as water terrain even though they are not deep enough to cause the character to swim. Casting, or less likely, doing physical attacks, while standing in deep enough Swamp water reduces damage by 50%, similarly to the target having a bonus such as Increased Magic Resistance. Even if the target is standing in the water, it may be counted as different terrain. This handicap is applied much more strictly than the unsummoning of Riding Mounts and Venomancer Pets; even the edge of the water should be avoided as a casting point.

The Swamp and the nearby Village of the Dreaming Cloud are similar to the Shattered Jade Shore in their double threat of ground creatures and low-altitude flyers. These hazards are Vampiric Minions and Spinewraiths, but just north of the three towers of the Altar of Disbelief at 540 748 , there is also the threat of the flying bosses Sage Chiuying and Demon Hsuanling. Vampiric Nightstalkers, also, are on the border of the Swamp where it meets the Ridge of the Dreaming Cloud

Other than the above bosses, which travel about the same altitude, height 24 is ideal for getting no aggro from either ground or air. Note, however, that if the player goes lower than this and gets aggro from the Primeval Towerlings or other such Siege-type creatures, they will risk the creature's extremely long-range attack that can fire much much higher than altitude 24; closer to 30 in fact. Above height 35 is of course the safest solution. However, the quests in the Swamp have a much higher than normal incidence of being go to location quests, and it is only possible to resolve them by landing, or a few feet off the ground. So with all this takeoff, climbing to altitude, and traveling to a new location, height 24 is a less safe but much quicker alternative.

Whetstone Keep is the only settlement in the area; all the rest is controlled by the Wraith

At least two enemies targeted by two quests:

Acephalic Riders 68: Conquer the Fear and 70: Confront the Wraiths
Resentful Heathens 68: Apothecary's Thinking and 70: Abandon the Belief

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