Scythe weapon. Ice and Metal magic, with some spells such as Supercell doing physical damage also.[1] Do not be fooled by the large melee weapon; Stormbringers are a damage dealer, not a tank, and Strength should be no higher than about 50, with the rest put into Magic

As of late 2015, Stormbringers could jump, and jump in midair, as normal characters, but could then cast a spell in midair to enable another two jumps, for a "quadruple jump"[2]

? Do not remember where I got this:

Searing Moonlight gives a damage boost to any and all damage-dealing skills of any and all friendly players.

The normal weapons for Stormbringers and Duskblades can be crafted at only one NPC: Blacksmith Okan in Dawnglory

Stormbringer class, official forums

Stormbringer builds, official forums

PWI - Stormbringer Skills (Lv1 - 61)

YouTube: watch?v=YdSD0U-cvKY

Created by the son of Pan Gu, the Reapers once guarded the Celestial Vale. Bound to the life of the Divine Child, they defended him until he was mortally wounded in battle. With the last of his strength, the Divine Child freed the Reapers from his service and sent them to Perfect World. Now known as the Nightshades, they draw upon the power of the moon to battle evil in all its forms.

PWI release notes

Stormbringers were called "Moon Fairy" when they were first released on the Eastern servers


Sonic Boom; level 1; levels to 10 at character level 47
Downburst; level 4; levels to 10 before character level 60
Reaper Form (Nightshade race skill); level 9;
Ice Bullet; level 13; levels to 10 before character level 60

All the rest level to 10 after character level 60. This information is woefully incomplete on the web in general, not just here, or it would have already been documented here. Please help if you know.

Cloudburst; level 17;
Lunar Swiftness; level 19;
Lunar Surge; level 22;
Deafening Thunder; level 25;
Climate Shift; level 29;
Monsoon; level 33;
Tidal Force; level 33;
Moonblade; level 36;
Devouring Darkness; level 39;
Lunar Guidance; level 39; levels to 10 late. Damage reduction squad buff. Like most or all buffs on more than one target, it only affects the squad, though the text, as usual, implies that it affects nearby friendlies.
Thunderstrike; level 44
Frigid Thunder; level 44
Thundersnow; level 49
Call Lightning; level 49
Electrostatic Discharge; level 51
Snow Storm; level 53
Cumulonimbus; level 53
Searing Moonlight; level 59
Supercell; level 59
Lunar Blessing; level 60
Avatar of the Storm; level 61
Churning Vortex; level 61

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