The Horoscope, or Star Chart as it is titled on the User Interface, is another means of Enhancement for characters who have progressed through Rebirth. The Star Chart icon is found on the Inventory page; the pentacle icon directly below the Meridian chart

Flowsilver Palace Judgement mode and other Daily Quests are the source for Star Chart items.

Much of the process is rerolling stats of owned Charts with items, so it is not important to obtain many Star Charts. The Starglade Chest item gives Charts. Also, because stats are rerolled, a favored chart should be retained and not rerolled, while the other gains Aptitude and gains you Astral Energy. Astral Energy is retained by your character, even if you change Star Charts, in much the same way as Nuema is retained regardless of Cards equipped, in the War Avatar system. Attributes from one chart can be transferred to another with Astral Infusion.

Astrobana Pearl Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 increase XP of the chart

Astrospira Pearl raises the important attribute Aptitude, which makes it easier to roll powerful charts

Starseeker Powder changes the order of the stats, whatever that means. Only five such are available in any case

Nebula Dust Orb is how the rerolling is done. One type also increases Astral Energy, which like Aptitude, increases the chance of better charts. Another type does not increase Astral Energy, and is therefore more cost effective when used after Astral Energy has been increased

Bonuses occur as Birthstars or Fatestars, with Fatestars offerig higher bonuses

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