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Small Healing Potion
(Potions) All Races

  • Over the next 10 seconds, 30 HP will be restored.

Other UsesEdit

NPC Resale Price: 10 coin

Crafting RecipesEdit

Can not be crafted.

Decompose RecipeEdit

Can not be decomposed.

How to ObtainEdit


Quest Level Starter Location
Try Your Best 1 Human Guide (422,635)
A Newcomer 1 Untamed Guide (256,689)
First Visit 1 Director Tsan (369,461)


Price: 21 coin
Name Location Type
Apothecary Sung Etherblade South District (433, 876) Apothecary

Dropped FromEdit

Name Level Area
Emerald Qingfu 1 Inn Of Eagle (422,635)
Horrorbite 1 [[<area>]]
Jaden Qingfu 1 Dragon's Breath Valley (253, 633)
Ogre Blossom 1 Inn Of Eagle (422,635)
Ogre Sprout 1 [[<area>]]
Verdant Qingfu 1 [[<area>]]
Box Ghoul 2 [[<area>]]
Cabinet Spirits 2 [[<area>]]
Cruel Wolfling 2 [[<area>]]
Heptastral Beetle 2 [[<area>]]
Mad Wolfling 2 [[<area>]]
Pentastral Beetle 2 [[<area>]]
Pollen Scorpion 2 [[<area>]]
Quadrastral Beetle 2 Dragon's Breath Valley (253, 633)
Scorpion Pup 2 [[<area>]]
Sharptooth Wolfling 2 [[<area>]]
Trunk Ghoul 2 [[<area>]]
Varicose Scorpion 2 [[<area>]]
Copper Box Spirit 3 [[<area>]]
Copper Cabinet Spirit 3 [[<area>]]
Copper Trunkwraith 3 [[<area>]]
Corpse Candle 3 [[<area>]]
Crypt Flame 3 [[<area>]]
Earthen Recruit 3 [[<area>]]
Earthen Roguewraith 3 [[<area>]]
Earthen Soldier 3 [[<area>]]
Heptastral Beetle King 3 [[<area>]]
Nether Flame 3 [[<area>]]
Pentastral Beetle King 3 [[<area>]]
Quadrastral Beetle King 3 [[<area>]]
Bramble Cactopod 4 [[<area>]]
Flame of an Empty Grave 4 [[<area>]]
Flame of the Underworld 4 [[<area>]]
Jade Flamewisp 4 [[<area>]]
Oddfoot Pup 4 [[<area>]]
Oddfoot Pup Lancer 4 [[<area>]]
Prickly Cactopod 4 [[<area>]]
Prickly Oddfoot Pup 4 [[<area>]]
Soft Cactopod 4 [[<area>]]

Fu BenEdit


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