Wizard Skill Tree

The old form of the Skill Tree, for the Wizard class

For a "Book", see Skill Book. For the wearable item, see Tome. For the item that activates a quest, see Quest

The abilities that players pay Spirit and Coin to enable are commonly referred to as Skills.

Skill Calculator - Ecatomb. Lacking Stormbringer and Duskblade, and any other classes that are released after them. See those classes' page for information and links.

The majority of Skills consume some amount of MP (probably short for Magic Points, but the short form is not only preferable in brevity but because it is easy to mistake for the points in Magic that the Character can accrue).

Skills are often a requirement for the acquisition of further skills, and previously, this Skill Tree was available for viewing, with all the connections and dependencies shown as arrows and linkages. There was nothing clunky or unintuitive about these skill trees, and like all such graphical representations of connections (eg the map of the London Tube, whose creator is lauded as an innovator in design), they had a style and elegance of their own. The reason for their removal is unknown. At any rate, nowadays, an icon of the prerequisite skill serves instead.

Some very small number of skills are actually used as a prerequisite for the performance of further skills; this is known as a Skill Chain. These skill chains are rare elsewhere, but common in the skill lists of the Seeker and Duskblade, and occasionally in those of the Assassin

Skill Book Edit

Main article: Skill Book

Skills higher than level 60, Aware of Vacuity onwards, are now only obtainable through Skill books. Most books can be crafted. Some books can only be obtained as drops.

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