Silver Pool

Silver pool

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Southwest of the floating pagodas of Heaven's Tear, almost halfway between Archosaur and City of the Plume

The Banker and Merchant are by the stairs to the docks in the northwest. Chen Takai and his wife Man Hung, part of Beautiful Chang's quest for Mantou, are on the docks. Behind them is Lady Wu. On the northwest porch of a bungalow near the docks is the Psychic Seer, who is part of the level 20-29 Spiritual Cultivation quests and offers the normal quests Celestial Recluse and Uninvited Guest also. The Gem Merchant Li Yu is on the northeast porch. All other NPCs are scattered about a collection of boulders to the north and east, except Blacksmith Lu, on the porch of a bungalow to the west. The trainers are together in pairs, two of each race together. The final incarnation of Kid Kuang, as an old man (Coming of Age quest), is to the far West

Quest Edit

  • [[Psychic Seer - 444 564
  • Chen Takai
  • Man Hung
  • Lady Wu
  • Kid Kuang (old)

Trainers Edit

Services Edit

  • Banker Yin Qi
  • Merchant Tien
  • Jewelcraftsman Lei
  • Tailor Chuang
  • Seamstress Feng (dyes and signatures)
  • Apothecary Chi Sheng
  • Craftsman Shang
  • Blacksmith Lu
  • The Great Lake Officer (Territory Wars: perks such as free healing for current controller of the territory)

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