There is a very long chain of quest that ends up with the reward of Pants of the Evil, level 6 Arcane leggings requiring level 40, Strength 24, Magic 63, that give 475 all resists, and a total of 58 physical resist. Or a much lesser reward, albeit the better choice for meleers, of a +28 physical attack ring. This is not a complete list of all of the quests on the shoreline, but rather a list of the ones that are dependent on each other to appear in the quest list - chains of quests

Chin's Force Edit

Allies' Camp has a teleporter, Merchant, Blacksmith, Banker, etc

  • Emergency on the Shore. Given by General Summer, sending you to Young Man Lei
  • Kao the Musician; named after the quest target
  • Old Man Lin; ditto, Kao sends you to him, and he wants Candles from the Snakevalley Hexwraiths, Fire archers
  • Lin's Answer. Kao's description of the aftermath of the Wraith battle is worth reading; a nice bit of prose, if you can get past the seeming incongruity of zombies singing. Think of them as spirits or ghosts
  • Visit the General. Go from Allies' Camp to see Soldier Feng in Angler's Village to the north

Angler's Village has a teleporter, Merchant, Blacksmith, Banker, etc

  • The Will to Betray. Do not be fooled by the destination the autonavigation may send you to (the southern end of the incredibly dangerous Chin boss); there are other Boniron Valiants than the ones following Chin, a bit south of there
  • Assault : Lofty Pterosaurs, metal flyers, dd. Common Shard reward
  • Wraith's Main Force: Despite the blue type, this is a normal kill # X quest, unlike Soldier Feng's other two challenges, one of which is the toughest in the early game. Kill some Chiselers. Reward: Pants of the Evil or a +28 physical damage ring

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