Cenminator rare spawn on the beach; along with Chin and a considerable amount of the local wildlife, a target of the Title quest for Snake Isle

The East Coast of Perfect World, from north of Mount Lantern to the mouth (where it empties into the sea) of the Everflow River. Includes Angler's Village. Along the end of the widened sandy beach that gives the area its name, and along that bank of the mouth of the Everflow, is the patrol route of Chin, Mausoleum Watchman. The Wicked Pirates to the south of his route respawn very quickly and are therefore the best source of Compound Thread for level 4 and 5 Tailor and a few 4 and 5 Blacksmith recipes as well (Wands and Patakas).

Level 40ish quests are found here

A lot of Resource spawns line the beach and grasslands inland as well Town Portal cast anywhere in Shattered Jade Shore moves the character to Angler's Village

Town Portal cast anywhere in Mount Lantern moves the character to Allies Camp

Allies Camp Edit

Allies Camp Fox Child

Fox Child NPC at Allies Camp

Mount Lantern Edit

Angler's Village Edit

South of the Shattered Jade Shore, northeast of Archosaur

Teleport from Dawn's Cry Isle goes to Angler's Village

Soldier Feng Edit

Soldier Feng is the commander of the forces against the Wraith along the Shattered Jade Shore, and the linchpin of a long quest chain which is for the most part, unusually easy, and has quite a splendid reward for arcane armor users. He is at 637 831, in the center of the Angler's Village

The quest chain begins to the south, in the Allies' Camp, with Young Man Lei. General Summer activates this quest. The quest chain can be begun at level 36, and the final quest must be completed by level 60

Reward: ☆Wraith Ring or ☆Pants of the Evil; see Quest Gear for details

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