Sharptooth Wolfling
Sharptooth Wolfling
Sharptooth Wolfling
Level 2
Attack Melee
Element None
Family Wolf
Health 71
Aggro No
Weaknesses None
Tamable Yes
The Sharptooth Wolfling lives on the outskirts of .

Locations Edit

Area Level Amount Notes
Dragon's Breath Valley 2 None

Involved in Quests Edit

Item DropsEdit

Name Type Requirement Price
Small Healing Potion Potion None 10
Small Mana Potion Potion None 10
Wraith Officer's Envelope Lucky Item None
Animal Fur Material None 60
Red Jade Material None 30
Ragged Fur Material None 1
Leather Armor Gear Level 1 20
Bronze Helmet Gear Level 1 20

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