Each day, characters 60 and above may pay 88,888 coin to choose the -[Daily] Treasure Hunter Quest- option from the Sharp Spear NPC at 128 861 (Thousand Streams) and receive a first map.

Sharp Spears at 558 625 and 558 684, in southeast and north Archosaur were removed.

Upon arriving at any map's location, a chest will spawn. Digging the chest releases a monster; when it is slain, the character will receive XP-30,000 for the first chest. Items may drop from any of the Hunter monsters. If the character is over 70, a second map may drop from this first monster. Each 10 levels, the number of maps that can drop increases, allowing successive maps from successive monsters; the xp for defeating these additional monsters will rise accordingly. At level 100+, a series of up to five maps may be dropped, with the xp going up to 1,000,000. The exact drop rate is not known, but most players report a series of two or three chests being the norm, and items being very good, but very rare indeed

1: 30,000 XP, 6,780 Spirit, 25 Reputation. Coin from e.g. "Emerald Deathjinn" 20,000
2: 55,000 XP, 12,430 Spirit, 50 Reputation. Coin from e.g. "Returned Ninja" 20,000
3: 130,000 XP, 29,380 Spirit, 75 Reputation. Probably 20K coin
4: 250,000 XP, 56,500 Spirit, 100 Reputation. Probably 20K coin
5: 1,000,000 XP, 226,000 Spirit, 375 Reputation. Probably 20K coin

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