The schedule for server maintenance is quite regular: Every Tuesday night, 23:00 Server Time (11PM Pacific Standard or Daylight Time), 07:00 Greenwich Mean Time (7 AM GMT), 15:00 Beijing time (3 PM).

This is either a reset or update. Resets are common; updates are much less frequent, and irregular.

Content Updates Edit


Expansions can be a difficult download for slower computers or connections. But the primary bottleneck is the patcher itself. Before Arc took over, PWI provided a direct download system that has not been replaced.When the patcher is overloaded, users will see the download bar go to half, and then stay there, with the "file" bar whizzing along as though it is doing something. As unhelpful as it may sound, it may still be true: people report 9 hours or more of downloads, so do not count on being able to make a Daily Quest on that day. PWI will still be there tomorrow, and tomorrow, half the population of the servers won't be there at the patcher, trying to do the same thing you are.

Temporary NPCs Edit

If content is being added temporarily, usually Gift Packs and such that are only offered for a limited time, then NPCs may be created to distribute that content and then removed.

Examples :

  • PWI Iceshard Agent . For Halloween 2015, Ice Shards were added to packs. The Iceshard Agent only existed from November 8th until December 1st (although it was announced as lasting until the 2nd of Dec) Arc News

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