Seeker Trainer War Avatar

Seeker Trainer War Avatar

First, No points into magic!

Seekers have AoE effects as Blademasters do, and with their Heavy Armor, they may function as light tanks, while of course Barbarians are far superior at the task of dealing with lots of physical damage. Their speciality is to able to either melee or cast Metal-based spells.

Per level: Strength 2.5, Dex 1.5, optional 1. Endgame, with better gear and including Rebirth, is usually Strength for the optional points

Seekers are offered a choice of damage dealing or being able to tank better (Barbarians are far superior at tanking)

Only Earthguard characters can be Seekers. They used to begin in Tellus City in the southern lands added by the Genesis expansion, and now these areas are the setting for their first quests after leaving Celestial Vale

One might be a little suspicious of the game's reference to Blades/Swords, indicating that they are interchangeable; for the most part, they are. Blades and Swords and Dual Blades and Dual Swords all have quite large Dexterity requirements, and they are really best used by Blademasters and Seekers; it would be a poor Barbarian indeed that would have that much Dexterity. So which swords can Seekers use? All of them, and all usefully except Magic Swords, which will not be of much use at all.

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