Sylvan refuge with little problems caused by powerful Wraiths

Some of the most extensive and authentic Chinese architecture is found here, in a beautiful countryside with high mountains. The most powerful Wraith yet, of course, when are they not, but also tricksy, like the fire devils that chase you unceasingly until you finally must combat, and more flying creatures hovering near the mountains, than you normally see

Teleport Chain : Dreamweaver Port > Village of the Lost > Sanctuary > Village of Naught

Advanced Crafting Edit

High level crafting can be done here, as in Sirry Wine Camp, Village of the Dreaming Cloud and Immolation Camp. The merchant here and the ones in the other towns as well erroneously offer level 5 and 6 Jade, rather than the level 7 and 8 they should offer, and correctly, Jade from level 9 to 14. The Jade is also listed in the wrong order, with the blue 11 and 12 jade first.

Resources Edit

Main article: Resources

The area is not a preferred gathering spot, but instead just north of it is Fragrant Hills, with predominantly (eight to 12 spawns) mid-grade resource spawns (Refined Steel, Fine Lumber, Anthracite, Rubstone Powder), a very few spawns of each high-grade material (Steel Alloy, High-Grade Lumber, Charcoal, Corundum), and terrain that allows fairly easy resource gathering

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