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The reputation gained through quests, and the level of characters, are the prerequisites for gaining rank. Rank makes available, equipment at the NPC next to the Commander at the southwest corner of Archosaur, across from General Summer. A rank ring, named 'Rank Badge' is given, and replaced at each new rank at no charge, by the Commander himself. 35,000 Reputation, the requirement for Rank VI, is required for obtaining and upkeep of a Homestead.

The Rings given for rank increase is available at different character levels than the Armor and Weapons

One equation is very useful for those with enough money:

Reputation amount desired, divided by 25, multiplied by the current cost of Wraith Officer's Badge. They are sold by Catshops near the Commander for around 1,200 coin.
Catshop price guide - live, searches the server database for up-to the minute information -
With Level 95+ and MoraiReputation, you can use 20 x 80 reputation badges daily (need 1500 prestige, consumes 5 influence per badge)
Warsong City Emblems to craft Wraith Officer Badges. 2 Emblems convert to one Badge. Get warsong emblems in Full Warsong runs or exchange Flowsilver Palace coins for warsong emblems > 1 FSPcoin = 12 Emblems = 6 Badges

Reputation is the most stringent requirement of the Homestead system. At 1200 per WOB, 35K rep costs 1.7 million.

Armor and Weapons Edit

Rank Reputation Req Level Gear Level Cost
I 300 30 30 10,000
II 1,000 40 60
III 2,500 50 60
IV 5,000 60 60 and 90
V 10,000 70 90
VI 35,000 80 90 and 99
VII 100,000 90 99
VIII 200,000 100 100
IX 300,000 101 101

Rings Edit

Each of the rings have equal bonuses to physical and magical attack. The second and succeeding rings have a bonus to critical hit chance, and the third and successive rings have a bonus to hit points. The sixth and successive rings have a bonus to channeling rate, and the final, ninth ring has a bonus to Accuracy and Defense Level

  • ☆ Recruit's Badge. Rank I, Level 30. +20 to Physical Attack and Magic Attack
  • ☆☆ Private's Badge, Rank II. Level 40. PA, MA +30. Critical Hit Rate +1%
  • ☆☆ Captain's Badge, Rank III. PA, MA +42. Crit 1%, HP +50
  • ☆☆☆ Lieutenant's Badge, Rank IV. Level 60. PA, MA +55. Crit 1%, HP +70
  • ☆☆☆ Brigadier's Badge, Rank V. PA, MA +70.. Crit 2%, HP +90
  • ★ High Commander's Badge, Rank VI. Level 80. PA, MA +85. Crit +2%, HP +120. Channeling -3%
  • ★ Marshal's Badge, Level 90, Rank VII. PA MA +100, Critical Hit Rate +3%, HP +150, Channeling -3%
  • ★★ General's Badge, Level 100, Rank VIII. PA MA +125, Critical Hit Rate +4%, HP +180, Channeling -6%
  • ★★ Ring of Trauma, Level 101, Rank IX. PA MA +210. Critical Hit Rate +3%, Channeling -6%. Accuracy +50 %. Def. Level +5

Notes Edit

14 x General Summer's Token at over 10 million at catshops; over 140 million, + 2 x Medal of Glory = R9 piece

Awakened, etc, G16 around 35 million per piece

Links Edit

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