"Cheat wherever you can. A.I.s are handicapped. They need to cheat from time to time if they're going to close the gap... Never get caught cheating. Nothing ruins the illusion of a good A.I. like seeing how they're cheating."
— Jonny Ebert, lead designer of Dawn of War 2 on video game A.I.

There is no such thing as random in video games. Or at dice, either, if you want to get technical. That is why they give dice players cups, so their hands cannot influence the throw; sufficiently dextrous and well-trained throwers can achieve much higher than average success. Instead, computers use various means to approximate randomness, with the oldest being a very long series of numbers that seems random. Its elements are numerous, overall it is an average that suits the given range, and it varies within that range, all just as random would.

In PWI, it is estimated that the random number generator is also used for a variety of "spicy" type random occurrences,

  • "Bait and Switch", where positive results are gained at first, with the results trailing off afterwards
  • Spreading Thin, where positive results are spread out over a large number of outcomes, providing gains in as few as possible in the short term. This is particularly obvious in Nuema gathering
  • Near Level Death Experience. Not so bad in PWI as in other games, and the sheer power given to new players with free armor and weapons makes this almost a thing of the past.
  • Not what you Wanted: Third Destroyer War Avatar before a first Battle, etc

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