Wukong Past

Trees and hills surrounding the lake in the Past

A Daily Quest that was open to players level 30 and up for two weeks starting March 9, 2016. Exactly a year later, the system message announcing the quest resumed, but the quest itself was not implemented.

This quest was removed; PWI developers say that the quest was accidentally enabled. No bugs were reported with the quest, other than the fact that few players had access to both Cloud Blossom and the other material needed for some of the Promotion Agent rewards.

Talk to Mrs. Zoologist (southeast Archosaur) to get an inventory item "Baby Wukong's Essence", talk to her again to teleport to "The Past", right click on the item, wait for ten minutes in an instance while the "Ultima Jr." matures (the orange nametag changes to white, and the model changes from an active animated figure to a static "statue"), and then dig the statue, for xp (about the same as Crazy Stone, but free) and many items. The player receives five Cloud Blossom items to Redeem at the PWI Promotion Agent near the Lucidsilver and Lucidgold Envoys.

The Ultima Jr.s can be targeted and attacked, but are invulnerable (even other player's), offering an opportunity to build Chi if desired. They all bear the name of their "owner", eg "Exemplary_Character's Ultima Jr."

The level 8 gems offered by the Promotions Agent have higher bonuses than normal level 9 ones; eg the Agent's Powerful Garnet is +70 physical defense, Lv 8 Immaculate Garnet is +53 and Lv 9 Perfect Garnet is +66. As is normal with free gems, they cannot be combined at the Jewelcraftsman to create higher level gems.

Ultima Jr

Players and their Ultima Jr.s on the platform in the Past

Choose the "Redeem" option at the PW Promotions Agent to see the list of items. Some examples:

  • Gold Charm, 10 Cloud Blossom
  • Lv 8 "Powerful" Garnet Shard, 4 Cloud Blossom
  • Lv 8 "Powerful" Citrine / Sapphire, 2 Cloud Blossom
  • Lv 11 Citrine / Sapphire Gem, 20 Cloud Blossom
  • Lv 11 Garnet Gem, 40 Cloud Blossom

The timer used to cut out 10 seconds early, then a 30 second addition was patched in, for a total of 10 minutes 20 seconds

The quest can only be completed once per day, even if you have a token from the previous day. Similar to the Jolly Old Jones quests, the token given is not sufficient to activate a quest on its own, and instead there is an allotment of quest completions, seven for JoJ but in this case only one. Unlike JoJ, however, having a token in inventory the next day does not interfere with the quest count, and the token can be used. Confirmation is needed to see if starting the timer part of the quest at 11:50 PM or later will mess up the next day's quest.

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