Qingzi is in the FB 29 area accessed in the room just 'south' of the most 'northern' room of the Secret Passage (north of Archosaur at 559, 765)

A party of at least lvl 40's should be able to kill Qingzi easily. Qingzi has an unusually powerful Earth-based spell, which can kill many characters outright. Since it is magic damage, one of the better types of tanks is a Wizard with good earth defense armor, and their special class ability of earth barrie. Another option is Venomancers, who can heal other Venomancer's pets, sharing the healing of a single pet tank.

3000 Earth defense is recommended for magic tanks. Barbarians who tank should have Alacrity of the Beast to cancel half of Qinzi's magic attacks. Qingzi Advice, forums

Quests Edit

Call of Duty: ClawsEdit

Level 29-40. Cultivation for levels 21-29 is required. Puhui the Taoist in South West Archosaur at 520, 628 gives the quest, and the Iron Blood Tablet that is required to activate one of the Pillars of Duty in the dungeon

Hall of DeceptionEdit

Again, Puhui the Taoist gives this quest at level 29 after 'Secret News' has been completed

The reward is 2000 coin, 7500 XP, and 1500 spirit. The player may also choose from the following:

  • Heavy Cuisses of the Fallen
  • Belt of the Fallen Soul
  • Blue-green Pants

Arcane armor players who take the ☆☆☆Belt of the Fallen Soul as the reward from the Taoist for killing Qingzi will get the Pants of the Evil replacement for the ☆☆☆Blue-green Pants they would have gotten, two levels before that belt is replaced by the Sumerian Camp Belt, below. Alternatively, the Blue-green Pants have +2 power regeneration

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