Although the monsters are lower level, they are less spread apart than in areas such as the Land of Buried Bones

Wan Lanch for the Homestead quests wanders the East-West road on the Plain of Farewells, south of Sirry Wine Camp

Daily Quests: Jolly Old Jones, Delicious Soup

You can cast Town Portal or use Teleport Incense from the Valley of the Scarred or Plain of Farewells and you will arrive in Sirry Wine Camp.

Sirry Wine Camp Edit

Near the Charmed Eye Lake, target of Jolly Old Jones' 51-60 and 71-80 quest. North of City of the Lost, on the northern edge of the Plain of Farewells

Sirry Wine Camp night

Sirry Wine Camp at night

Town Portal will send a character here from as far away as Valley of the Scarred, which is right next to Jolly Old Jones' valley (The Northern Pass), just outside the gates of City of the Lost. If they are heading to the City of the Lost, that is. If the character is Heading North, then it is confirmed that Town Portal from the edge of the Plain of Farewells will teleport to the Camp.

High level crafting can be done here, as in Dreamweaver Port, Village of the Dreaming Cloud and Immolation Camp. The merchant here and the ones in the other towns as well erroneously offer level 5 and 6 Jade, rather than the level 7 and 8 they should offer, and correctly, Jade from level 9 to 14. The Jade is also listed in the wrong order, with the blue 11 and 12 jade first.

Charmed Eye Lake Edit

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