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Beginner level

There is one thing all new players to Perfect World should know: characters level much faster with quests than by killing Wraiths. Questing is made much easier than in earlier-generation games with the ingame quest list; both questing and the game in general is made easier with the extensive database of Items (Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Potions, Materials, Charms, Genies), Monsters, NPCs, and Quests, all of which entries link to each other, almost always, where applicable.

Gaining levels 2-19 in Celestial Vale is aided by free Bonus XP items from the Old Donkey Rider, Lost Star Spirit, and Soldier on Patrol. Levels 20 and onwards are aided by the Perfect Questmaster Lucidsilver Agent, the Lucidsilver Envoy and Lucidgold Envoy, with diminishing returns as the 5,000 XP rewards shrink in comparison to XP required to level.

Because XP is gained at higher rate than Spirit, and spirit is required for skills, there is a tendency for skills to fall behind the player level. Optionally, for Efficient leveling, player Genies use player XP to level, freeing up more spirit for skills. Because the XP gained by genies is greater per point of player XP spent, the closer the character is to the genie, the free Genie from the Watcher of the Earth is best taken early; there is one right across from where the character very first starts their journey in Celestial Vale.

Although the starting armor and Minister armor and weapons are given as part of the main quest line, the Duke and Royal must be sought out. Four pieces' quests can be soloed (including the Accessory), but the Royal weapon and Royal leg armor will require, at the very least, an optimum squad, and probably high level help. After this, beginning players are on their own, with only the Auction House for good gear, and Jolly Old Jones to help pay for it.

Anytime after level 30, the Realm of Reflection can be an aid to leveling, allowing characters to gain XP as the player sleeps.

The new Bounty Hunter in EU, and Phoenix Valley are popular leveling spots after 70 when the number of quest diminishes sharply and players are forced to use squad tactics to kill a large number of monsters for XP in the usual way

Perfect World's economic model is, roughly speaking, as much or more, pay to style, than it is pay to win. Fashion, Mounts, and utility items are a large part of its income; although much of the upgrade content can be bought, most players grind it. Its endgame content is mostly, grind to win. New content is brought out often, with small gains to player stats that are significant enough that they must be addressed by players or they lose their edge.

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PWI News

PWI Fourth Anniversary
PWI celebrates its fourth anniversary. All players can receive anniversary gifts from the Anniversary Page. Veterans of the game will receive increasingly rare or powerful presents.
For details, please see the news article.
"Reflections" Content Update
Another content update for PWI was released on 8th August 2012. This update adds a new zone for players at lvl 31+, new daily quests for intermediate level players (lvl 20-40), as well as numerous minor updates to gear, items, skills and the PK system. EXP and coin rewards for the beginner quests for Humans, Winged Elves and Untamed have also been updated to better conform with that gained from Tideborn and Earthguard beginner quests.
For more information, see the launch article.

Patch Notes Version 658

"Imperial Fury" Content Update
The newest content update for PWI was released on 23rd May 2012. The update expands the high-level area of Morai, and also includes updates to some older instances.
For more information, see the launch article and the preview article.

Patch Notes Version 639

New Expansion - PWI: Descent, releasing February 15th
The next major content expansion to Perfect World International, titled PWI: Descent, was released on February 15 2012. Read the launch post, the announcement article and visit the teaser site.

Patch Notes Version 612

PWI Descent Launch Trailer01:23

PWI Descent Launch Trailer

PWI Descent Teaser Trailer00:28

PWI Descent Teaser Trailer

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