Perfect Questmaster

Perfect Questmaster at City of the Plume

Rewards players with a chest containing, randomly, XP items and/or charms, the first time they have completed 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, and 200 quests. One in each of the major cities.

Fantasy Fruit Bags, rewards from the Questmaster and also the Lucidsilver Agent and Lucidsilver Envoy, contain five Fantasy Fruit, which each give 5,000 XP and 1K Spirit. The Fruit and Bags can be placed on the quickbar, as with any other consumable item. This only works with a stack of at least two Fruit, however, otherwise the inventory would have to be reopened repeatedly, defeating the object.

Other XP items are received; Scarlet Fruit Packs and Profundity Scrolls

The Martial Arts Scrolls can be turned in to the Martial Arts Master in exchange for Elite Golden Silkworms, which give a 50% bonus to XP. The Master can be found in various locations in main cities; four each day. New players will benefit greatly from trading the Scrolls to other players for the large sums of coin they command. Once they are turned into Silkworms, they can no longer be traded.

  • 433 889 (27)
  • 243 646 (26)
  • 552 625 (22)
  • 327 424 (22)
  • 370 238 (24)
  • 662 126 (24)

The final reward, Quest Mastery 6, for 200 completed quests, includes Kensei / Gilded Ribbon Fashion and a Flying Mount that, unusually, has a reward for Nightshades (Lucidsilver Envoy and other such rewards do not)

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