Thousand Streams N

The quest takes place on the raised ledges of Thousand Streams that resemble Roman aqueduct engineering

Level 90-96 quest with a prerequisite of "The Coming Disaster", also from Elder of the Streams. There is a twenty minute time limit.

Each step begins with a teleport to a new spot. All are obvious pathways, starting at one end, run to the other. One or more mobs will spawn on the elevated ones; kill them and use the Quest Tracker to run to the exact end point. The mobs are all Level 100 and physical attack mobs with over 65K HP; Venomancers will not be able to summon land pets, only fliers. On the ledge that runs next to the Elder, use the Quest Tracker to run to each of three points and stop briefly until your presence is noted by the game. XP is based on the number of monsters killed; 60,000 XP and 12,000 Spirit each, for a maximum of seven mobs and 420,000 XP + 84,000 SP

  1. Elder teleports character.
  2. Run to 136 833; a physical damage level 100 monster will spawn. Kill it. Use the Quest listing to get to the exact coordinates required; 136 835; the character will then be teleported to the next area.
  3. Run to 136 833; Spawn, Kill. Click on quest listing to move to 136 843 to teleport.
  4. Run to 132 852 and stop; run to 132 861 and stop. Click to 132 865 to get teleported to next area
  5. Run to 132 869 and kill the mob that spawns. Click to 132 873 and teleport
  6. Run to 128 882; two mobs may spawn this time. Run to 128 890 to get teleported to next area.
  7. Run to 127 883; two may spawn. There may or may not be a teleport on this last step, confirm or deny. It would save a little time if there was a teleport to the Elder, but it would also be typical for the devs to make players wait for a teleport that is not forthcoming and add more risk to the chance of failing
  8. Turn in at the Elder of the Streams before timer expires.

Useless fact: the "lifting" of the character to higher elevations is not a function of the quest itself; if you go to those locations when not on the quest, you will be lifted up anyway.

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