Crimson Flametalon

Once, or even once again paid content, this flier was provided for a limited duration, lasting two weeks and then disappearing, as promotional content in 2015

Gold to buy Cash Shop purchases is bought online by buying Zhen and then Zhen counts for gold. Or players can purchase Gold with ingame currency, known instead as Coin.

Many of yesteryear's hot new items have become free giveaways; both of the Flying Mounts seen on this page were once sought after by players for large Coin purchases or even bought from the Boutique for real-life money in the form of Gold

Crown Princess

Crown Princess fashion, limited-duration set given for free, or permanent, bought

A very large number of things can be bought at the PW Boutique, and it can be accessed from the main screen, at upper right.

Some of the things are for people with a lot of money who are pretty desperate to boot; foolishness such as Crafting Materials, which can be so easily purchased from player Consignment Shops

Some are a matter of taste; fashion is a good example


Hellhound mount, once the height of fashion

Some are of equivocal utility, like Inventory space. Crafters can definitely use a lot of room, and time wasted sorting inventory is money lost not getting monster loot or going up levels where the loot is worth more. Sure, an extra 16 slots can be gotten with Dragon Quest 20 and 31 items (Increase Safe Slots), to make more bank slots with a quest at any Banker, but what if the player wants more room than that? They can only add more slots than that with Boutique items, and if they want the full 64, then they wasted all that time and/or cash getting the DQ items. Might as well have gone with Gold in the first place.

Iridescence Wings

Iridescence wings, free gift for two weeks, 2015, or purchased at Boutique

And then there is the Account Stash. Players with multiple characters will find the transfer of Coin and items possible with only the ingame Mailbox, but at 500 Coin per item stack, that can get to be a small but significant drain on Coin. And the convenience of immediate transfer then goes to the "time is money" thing again.

Mounts and Flying Mounts are another good example of timesaving, although there is definitely an element of Fashion in those as well

A list of sale items in 2011 : Yesterday's hot prizes are today's freebies. Or enduring favorites. Many of these, such as the Untamed's Dracocuda and Elves' Shalim's Glory are now the free fliers given to new players. Others like the Neon Fusion are still sought after today.

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