There is an astonishing sixteen or more quests to kill Orchid Petalis, worth easily a million xp in total, perhaps even two. If you count the prerequisite for the repeatable Daily Quest Patrol the Streams, infinite XP.

Level 70-76 Edit

List of Level 70-79 Quests
Orchid Petali database entry
  • Dress Materials, sub of Heartbroken Man, from Winged Elf Tien in Archosaur, 582 686 . The chain begins at 54+ but cannot be completed until 70+
  • Lost Journey sub of 2nd Phase Expedition, sub of Expedition, 70+, Kwok Nirvana 520 629
  • Crushed Flowers quest, sub of A Talking Frog, 72+, Lost Village Chief, Village of the Lost 638 476
  • Petals, sub of Obsession, Apothecary Wu, Dreamweaver Port 667 374, level 74-90
  • Treasure Compass, 74+, Merchant Yu Hai, Sanctuary 638 475
  • Orchid Petali, sub of Crippled Solider (sic) at level 75+
  • Flexible Fiber, Mo Nym, sub of Guard With All Efforts, level 76+
  • Orchid Petali V, Faction Base kill quest for faction Contribution (but currently no XP for kill quests until level 90), kill 15

Level 80+ Edit

List of Level 80-89 Quests
  • Dream Warning, sub of Past and Present, 80-105, Shop Assistant, Sanctuary 640 565
  • Fantasia Rouge, sub of The Poor One, 81+ from Aerocraft Dealer Shih, Archosaur 649 565
  • Emerald Leaf, sub of Celestial Chess, Chinese Chess Player, 668 616, level 82+

Level 90+ Edit

  • Peachblossom Spice, sub of Wellspring Wine, sub of a quest in a line beginning with The Coming Disaster from The Elder of the Streams 131 859. Level 90+. Prerequisite for Patrol the Streams, a repeatable Daily Quest

Unconfirmed Edit

  • Punishment of Luna (one of many kill quests from Order of Justice III level 70-74)
  • Crusade Order: Wanted no. 34
  • Dispel the Spell, sub of many in Reunion, Cho Wenchun 650 559. Probable database error with the level being shown as 149 required.
  • (possibly removed) Dew of Forest, level 71-90, Elder Huo in Swamp of the Wraiths 538 417
  • Orchid Petali, sub of Last Leopard from Guard Chieh in Archosaur, 652 564, level 72+
  • One-Man Army repeatable Reputation quest from Apothecary Leng, Village of the Lost, 634 476
  • Authentic Work XI book, 70+
  • Dragon Quest, multiple instances

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