Master Neverfall

Master Armor and dual axes, from the Celestial Vale Coupon; Barbarian on the Neverfall character selection screen; back and side

Neverfall dungeon featuring puzzles, and new outdoor world map areas. Implemented Thursday 13th April, PST server time

New Items Edit

Many Mounts and new Fashion

"Goldfoil : Aqua Crystal
"Goldfoil : Heaven Relic
"Goldfoil : Eon Ore
"Goldfoil : Spirit Gem

New Items

"Alliance Trumpet – Speak to guilds you are allied with!
"Cute Tiger Smiley Set – New cute tiger smilies!

Auction House Changes

"Card: Milkway Beauty, Card: Cloud Guidance, Card: Moony Butterfly, Card: Phoenix Feather, Card: Heart Flame, Card: Emerald Shadow
"Hawaiian Luau Fashion Pack, Snow Queen Fashion Pack, Master Archer Fashion Pack
"Weaponized Allosaurus Ride Ticket, Inferno Lionlord Ride Ticket, Shadow Fox Ride Ticket, Crimson Fox Ride Ticket, Black Raptor Ride Ticket, Royal Undine Ride Ticket, Netherworld Unicorn Ride Ticket, Nien Beast Ride Ticket

Skill Books Edit

Main article: Skill Book
"Advanced Order Skill books for all classes
Master's Heavy Armor Neverfall

Master's Heavy Armor from the Celestial Vale Coupon; Barbarian in front of the Neverfall character selection screen

New Features Edit

"Send Current Location – Click "Send Location" button to send your current location info to the selected chat channel. All players that have received the message can click the link to auto-path to that location.
"New Marriage Quests! Couples can take new Marriage Quests daily to get new rewards including new tomes, exclusive pets and more!
"Title System Optimization – All titles available in the game will be displayed and a better filter is added. You can also search for titles!
"Telacoustic Optimization - Using the world channel during the cooldown will cost additional :"Teleacoustics. 1 minute after using world channel, the Teleacoustic cost will be reset to 1.

Quicksand Maze – Material unbind fee lowered

"Coin - Coin cap and tradeable cap is increased to 1 billion. Quests have been added to trade for 50 and 100 Ten Million Big Notes at the PW Boutique Agent.

Cash Shop Edit

Neverfall Barbarian Lionheart Unparalleled Brimstone Edges

Neverfall selection screen; Barbarian wearing Lionheart armor and wielding Unparalleled Brimstone Edges

"Copper, Silver and Gold Dragon Orders
"These items can be used to pick up an assortment of gear, mounts and Badges of Wisdom. Take these to the Dragon Herald NPC.
"Auto Recovery Stone: Enables the Auto Potion feature and increases the maximum daily limit of Active Points you can get.
"Arcane Book : Pet. Never let your pet go hungry!
"Teleport Bell: Can teleport to an activate node on a map you’re currently on. The fee will increase depending on how many nodes you skip.
"Angel of Wishes: Item to teleport you when using the Teleportation function on the Event Calendar.
"Golden Steed Token has been moved to Ride > Beast

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