Wraith Hunter Envoy Yanchi

Wraith Hunter Envoy Yanchi offers a quest to kill five FB bosses in an hour and a half for an item, four of which gets a pack which will give an avatar of Class B through S

NPCs are the primary means of interacting with almost any game world that has any roleplaying aspects at all. Perfect World is unusual in having a massive number of interactive nonhumanoid entities such as Dig points as well.

Common Edit

On the wiki Edit

PWI wiki Category: NPC: Articles on the wiki on specific NPCs, such as the PWI Teacher and Bounty Hunter

Others Edit

  • Mysterious Merchant: Mysterious Chips cannot be traded; they can be put in the Account Stash. Beware of the hidden fees: he accepts Mysterious Chips for items that are otherwise hard to obtain. The Chips cost very little, but the fees are very steep. There is a brief flurry of Molds for sale, which can overcome some problems with crafting in the Level 4 and 5 range (level 7-10 gear), but his most lasting use is for materials to craft Twilight Temple and Lunar Glade gear:
  1. All the Warsoul fragments, for example, Warsoul: Ksitigarbha
  2. A limited selection of Twilight Temple materials from the relatively trivial, Feng's Steel Armor, for 17 Mysterious Chips and 360,000 coin, to the truly expensive, Illusion Stone for 840 Chips and 18 million coin.
  • Mister Tso / Old Swordsman. Mister Tso "sells" wine (bring him Materials) that can be used to clear monsters out of the Bounty Hunter dungeons. Bring the wines to the Old Swordsman, who can be found at the entrance to the dungeons. Player Shops also sell the wines on the central Archosaur platform.

Critter Edit


Goshawk critter above the northern sands of the Land of Whispers on the Island of Broken Dreams

From the very beginning of the game, and all over the main Perfect World map, there are small animals around that are not targets of kill quests, but add flavor to the game

Locations Edit

Often, NPCs can be found with the Coordinates Assistant, or at least with the PWI database listings

Rare Edit

Difficult to find NPCs:

Homestead Edit

Loo Kohan NE of Forgotten Sanctuary

Loo Kohan? Northeast of Forgotten Sanctuary.jpg

Loo Kohan Forgotten Sanctuary 472 262

Seeking Oak Trees sub - Hey Diddle Riddle -
Wan Lanch wanders the East-West road on the Plain of Farewells, south of Sirry Wine Camp

Dil Honse : path North of Walled Stronghold

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