Characters have three movement speed modes: running unaided, base default speed of flying on an air transport, and unadjusted speed mounted on a ground transport.

  • Running is different speed depending on class: the fastest are Archer and Assassin with 5.2 meters per second, next is Venomancer with 5.1 meters/second. Blademaster and Seeker are 5.0, and Barbarian 4.9; Wizard and Mystic are 4.8.
Running speed is slowed going up hills and going down them. Characters on foot can double jump.
  • The default speed for flying is 5.0, to which the speed of the mount is added.
No flyer is less than .5 regular speed, so they are always faster than running over a long distance. However, it takes a short the to deploy them, and there is an elaborate code that gives them inertia; they take a second to accelerate to full speed, and decelerate a half second before reaching a target destination. Any path that is not straight will thus be slowed. Airborne maneuvers should be performed with multiple clicks far ahead of the character, in tandem with right-click camera moves to create new ground targets, to keep the flyer moving at full speed.
  • The speed for ground mounts is the listed speed, in meters per second. They are the fastest form of transportation, with no mount under 7 meters per second.
However, this is the speed over flat ground, with no hills or water obstacles; as with running speed, ground mounts are slowed going up or down hills. Mounted characters can only single jump.

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