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Requirements: Character Level 95, Aware of Vacuity, speak with Spirit Loyan in Elysium Village, a 10,000 coin teleport from Archosaur (or fly from the northwest village on the northern Tideborn island). Conversely, once Loyan has been contacted, entering Morai from Archosaur and then going back to Perfect World is a shortcut of sorts to the southeastern areas, as this sends the character back to Elysium Village; a counterpart to the Dreamweaver Port Khatru Pup. It is not the fastest for going to Dreamweaver Port, since the trip from Elysium to Dreamweaver is longer than the trip from Archosaur Harbor to the Dragon City Steam and Sail Ship teleporters.

Morai added the Warding and Slaying Level mechanic (the same as Defense and Attack Level except ineffective against other players)

Morai contains the entrance to AEU, the Advanced Endless Universe


North Archosaur city 549 668
South Archosaur 561 635
Etherblade 433 886 at Elder
City of the Lost 242 647
Plume city 334 418
Raging Tides 667 122
Tellus City 382 221

Each of the Morai factions offers at least one level 100 Skill Book for each class

Quests Edit

Daily Quests Edit

Morai Crazy Stone Edit

Orders Edit

Corona, Luminance, and Shroud.

Each offers different rewards such as Skill Books and armor, rewards dependent on Prestige within the Order. The skills are not unique to Morai; they can be obtained elsewhere (just as well, since it is more difficult to join more than one Order)

Shroud Knight Synea Edit

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Links Edit

Ecatomb Edit

  • Morai - Lv 95, 100, 101 Armor

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Crazy Stone

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