Before the second round of changes to quests to slim down somewhat the number of kills required (the vestiges of the kill count before the first round can be seen sometimes, kill requirements of 70 or more), this quest was long and relatively unrewarding for its length. Nothing has changed. It really stands out as a grind. Eight enemies is three more than most quests of this level, and, gather five herbs? There is a reason Apothecaries get paid the big bucks, and we pay them. It is because it is hard work, and we would rather pay money. The other herb quests quite sensibly ask for two herbs; that is how many are gathered each dig. But hey, all we need are three digs, right? Guess how many spawns there are by the Temple. Two. So, it is back down South to Flag Hill, to get the last Palo Herb. While you are there, go to 544 721. It is one of the few places to find Tuckahoe, because they are again going to be asking for herbs, and again asking for FIVE. Guess how many spawns are by the Temple. Fix this quest!

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