Cromagnon Chief

Cromagnon Chief and Land of Buried Bones Officer

The highest level area in Perfect World, with monsters over level 100. South of Dragon Wilderness, west of Plume City. Less treacherous for low level characters than some areas such as Plain of Farewells, as the monsters are more widely spread apart. Cromagnon Village is in the far southwest of the Land, just north of the barrier separating the Land from the Earthguard lands. Steady Earth Elementalist for Homestead quest is here, as is Quicksand Maze. This is also the former home of the Dragon Hidden Den. Fengsha (looks like Phlebo from Eden) and Aoelian Executioner are here.

Cromagnon Merchant

Advanced Merchant in Cromagnon Village

Herbs are high level, and easy to find here, as in the snow of the north of Thousand Streams (Avalance Canyon, The Frozen Path and The Harshlands); their green clashes with the brown of the sand, and does not blend into the green of the surroundings as in other locations or hide in the gloom as in the Swamp of the Wraiths.

Windy Tomb Canyon Edit

The furthest north area of Buried Bones, bordering the Deserted Sea

Cromagnon Village Edit

Cromagnon Village

Cromagnon Village from the cliffs to the east

Quicksand Maze Edit

Main article: Quicksand Maze

Fly from the Dreaming Stronghold teleport northwest over the cliffs and over Sandstorm Valley to get to Quicksand Maze entrance

Sandstorm Valley Edit

Fengsha's location. Other monsters include the myriad Leader of the Sand Bandits; either they all share this distinction or are all deluded.

Dragon Hidden Den Edit

Defunct area, added by the Crimson Imperium update. Source of Sealed Flyers, rare flyers (Machinarium, Flaming Roar etc) which sell for about 25%-40% less than the Wishful Wing items to unseal them, which only come from Boutique packs. Sealed Flyers are still common in game, as they come from another pack

It is rumored that the instance still exists in the game code, but the entrance at 95 307 simply does not function. Players would run into the wall to activate the teleport

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