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Jolly Old Jones
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Etherblade
Status Quest
Location (422 836)
Inn of the Eagle
256 690
368 461
Jolly Old Jones sells soulgems and warsouls, and offers a green-class Bounty Order Quest to get up to seven bounty quests each day to players level 21-80.[1] He can found next to the Guide for starting players; ie, at each of the three first cities

JoJ locations:

  • 422 836
  • 256 690
  • 368 461

Jolly Old Jones compares himself to Santa Claus, and with good reason. He gives thousands of coin to players who go through his Daily Bounty Orders dialogue about the Bounty quests, and to those players who do the Bounty quests themselves.

The amount given each day through dialogue increases at increments of ten levels, but stops altogether at level 80.[1] The Bounty quests also give coin rewards.

Characters in different level ranges, eight levels apart, can receive a cash award, per account. So on each of the maximum of two accounts, one character level 21-30 can receive 58,000 coin, one character level 31-40 can receive 67,000 coin, etc. The real formula is somewhat more complicated than this. For example, a level 61 character AND a level 69 character can both claim the 131,000 each day. Also, a level 63 can claim 131K, AND a level 71 AND a level 79 can both claim 158K each.

21-30 : ~36,000
31-40 : ~58,000
41-43 : 67,000
~44-50 : 80,000
51-60 : ~110,000
61-70 : ~131,000
71-80 : ~158,000

He sells Dragon Points at 150 points for 100,000 coins. 150 DP could get, for example, three Perfect Stones, each buyable for about 1,100 coins at player cat shops, or sellable for about 1,000 to player shops.

The quests are similarly limited; the tokens are of course required, but no more than seven can be performed in one day on one account for each of the level ranges.

A character can get one coin reward, level up the same day into the next level range (eg, a level 40 character leveling to 41), and receive the next level range's coin reward, along with new Bounty tokens (and presumably Bounty quests).

Fixed bugs Edit

The quest used to be bugged. If planning on completing bounty quests from JoJ the next day, characters always had to take all the quests available, and either complete them all, or trash the remaining quests before the next day. This was because the remaining quests counted against the number you could take the next day, leading to a vicious circle where only three quests could be done each day. Leftover Tokens could and still can of course be sold to NPC vendors


Links Edit

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