Shadow Ranger Dark Wanderer

Shadow Ranger enemy on the Island of Broken Dreams, captured becomes Dark Wanderer Venomancer Pet egg

See Beginner Quests: Tideborn

The northern of the pair of islands that are Tideborn lands, the southern with City of Raging Tides being called Barrier Island. The Island of Broken Dreams to the west was originally intended to be south of Barrier Island, as this quest book indicates: Book of Broken Dreams only usable by level 6-23:

The three islands in the Forgotten Sea make up the Palisade Islands. It is said that the islands are the back of 3 ancient turtles, floating in the Forgotten Sea. For thousands of years, the islands have existed here, outside the influence of the rest of Perfect World. No one has ever been able to reach the islands due to the barrier that separates the two worlds. The main island of the three is called Barrier Island. North of it Lies the Island of Broken Dreams, and to the south lies Shattered Cloud Island. There are people living among those islands. They are called the Tideborn.
The natural enemies of the Tideborn are the Nightspike race. The Nightspike are cunning and cruel. Battles between the two races raged on for centuries. The Tideborn managed to nearly eradicate the entire Nightspike species under the leadership of a great hero.
The Island of Broken Dreams lies north of Barrier Island. This used to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world, however, after the great battle with the Nightspike, the island became completely ruined. The land has been torched and pillaged by the Nightspike. Where glittering architecture once stood has been replaced with darkened ruins and debris now.

Much of the Goshiki Quest Chain takes place here, of course, including killing the second Tideborn Traitor and the difficult Chrono Core fish leviathan

Island of Broken Dreams North Shore

Island of Broken Dreams North Shore

Waterbeast Shore Edit

Starting area for Tideborn quests, before Celestial Vale, and now midpoint between the Vale and Archosaur quests of the 30s and 40s levels

Dragonfang Village Edit

Land of Whispers ne of Nightfire Altar

Land of Whispers northeast of Nightfire Altar

Forest of Songs Edit

Using Teleport Incense or Town Portal anywhere within the Forest of Songs transports the character to Netherspring Camp

Netherspring Camp Edit

Many quests that continue through the 20-26 level range of the Broken Dreams quests, before heading south to Barrier Island

Amethyst Village Edit

No teleporter. Town portal or Incense used here will transport the character to Netherspring Camp

Land of Whispers Edit


Goshawk critter above the northern sands of the Land of Whispers on the Island of Broken Dreams

Land of Whispers is an area on the Island of Broken Dreams. It contains the teleport and quest location Nightfire Altar, which is close to the Caves of Menaces.

Nightfire Altar Edit

Caves of Menaces Edit

To the southsouthwest of Nightfire Altar, and east of Dragonfang Village, it used to be the Tideborn FB 19

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