Homestead pond

There is an Imperial Age New Orleans aesthetic to much of PWI and the Homestead is no exception

Requirements: 35,000 Reputation, Level 90+, Cultivation level 69. The Rep is the hardest prerequisite to meet. All quests up to level 90 will be more than 5,000 Reputation, but not much more. Seven thousand, maybe eight...

Eventually you will need a Homestead to craft level 17 weapons. Everything else about it is circular: you need items to get skills to get items...At some point, you can get an upgraded workshop to craft the weapons.

  • A new instance, Uncharted Paradise, is related by its drops of animals and seeds for the Homestead >
  • > Animals and seeds garner Cerise Gems, which power the buildings which create materials for crafting >

Concurrent with this system of objects, there are ratings for Experience and Prosperity that are used as requirements for higher 'level' items. Experience is gained from the use of the seeds and animals, and Prosperity is gained from the items. There is also a rating for Cleanliness, which is a maintenance chore.

NPCs Edit

Housing Archosaur

Housing display model in west Archosaur

Skills: Vyn Ren, the Trainer 522 659 Archosaur West

Weapon Quest and Upgrades: Vyn Yen, the Warrior 521 657 Archosaur West

kittythecat2013 :

So, if I am right and they can be in any of all locations listed, the clean list of all locations is:
Allies Camp
Altar of Dreams
Ancient Wall
Avalanche Village
Bamboo Village
Battlemark Village
Blazing Wind Valley
Bleakhaven Ruins
Dragon's End
East Barrier Village
Farewell Plain
Forest of the Plume
Forgotten Sanctuary
Homestead lights

The Homestead offers a large number of light sources for decoration

Hidden Heroes Village
Immolation Camp
King's Feast
Nameless Island
Nightfire Altar
North Barrier Village
Orchid Temple
Rook's Valley
Sandsong Village
Shrine of Immortals
Snowy Village
South Barrier Village
Gigantic Wood Elementalist

Gigantic Wood Elementalist on Broken Plain west of Etherblade

Sunday Town
Sundown Town
Swiftwind Tribe
The Fissure
Town of Arrivals
Village of Naught
Village of the Brutes
Village of the Lost
Walled Stronghold
Windy Tomb Canyon

And the interactive map can spot each and all of them.

Elementalists Edit

Gilded Metal Elementalist

Gilded Metal Elementalist in the Forest of Haze north of Dreamweaver Port

Main article: Elementalist

Links Edit

Lost Yon Tonsyn

Yon Tonsyn, Homestead NPC, dancing outside the Village of the Lost