A jar of Thousand-Year Lees Wine from the Foreign Monk 639 831 in the Angler's Village on Shattered Jade Shore on the east coast is required for this quest. Getting it first, while doing something else in that area, will save some time

The Cloud Dancer Pterosaur at the far west of the cloud surrounding Heaven's Tear is impossible to attack with melee, without being attacked by the nearby Scout Pterosaur when it returns to the southern end of its south-north patrol. This patrol is very rapid. Kill the Scout first, attack only other Cloud Dancers, deal with them both, or kill the Cloud Dancer and then flee.

The City of Heaven's Tear, also known as the City of Eternity, is another gift from the gods. Bound by thick chains, the city demonstrates the horror of the gods from the Great Flood a long time ago. Some call it the City of Heaven's Tear because, looked at from below, the city looks like a crystal tear. All beings in Perfect World share the same dream: to live in heaven like the gods do. Heaven's Tear, which was left by the gods, has become a trophy in the eyes of many great heroes. Close to two hundred wars have been fought for possession of it in the past three thousand years. Loftia Lake underneath it has been filled with countless bodies. Every full moon, a special crimson light shows up from deep within the lake and dances with the moonlight until morning. That is the Heroes' Blood, one of the Eight Views of Loftia.
-A book describing Heaven's Tear given by Lady Wu in Silver Pool

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