Mystic Meditation Gondola Lagoon

Mystic meditating near gondolas on a lagoon in Earthguard lands

For the crafting cauldron and the gear it makes, see Dungeon Gear

The Genesis expansion is the next major expansion after Rising Tide. It is followed by the Eclipse expansion

Major expansion for PWI on the second of March, 2011, adding four new zones in the south, including the Earthguard race and their home city, the Seeker and Mystic classes, Faction Bases, and a popup level guide. Faction Bases synergize with the previously released Territory Wars, which were expanded upon by Genesis


The Earthguard log in screen during the Genesis expansion, featured in the time between Rising Tide and Eclipse expansions. Eathguard female wearing Royal armor, which at the time was only available as part of the Dreamchaser Starter Kit

Concurrent with the Dreamchaser Starter Kit program for inducement to players to create new characters. This has been replaced with free armor from quests, and the Rebirth program.

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