Tough boss enemy with club-hands and three Shrunchkin Sorceror minions, death required in two regular quests: Tusk Town Crisis (L55+) and Unexpected Awakening (Kill It Again) L60 - 90. It is also part of the repeatable Wanted quests (Wanted No.40) 60+ and a Dragon Herald quest (Hard Step 6-2)

'Kong', as it is often called, wanders up and down the slope that lies north of Tusk Town; Foxwing Supremes roam in the skies above from 25-35 height, and a row of tooth-like stones make an avenue up the hill, beside which Gargantakong and entourage walk up the hill, and down which they walk on the return half of their circuit

At the top of the avenue is the Grave Keeper, who gives the second half of the easier and more lucrative of the two kill quests: Kill it Again

If there is no very high, very well equipped player to help, a cleric with Purify can remove the physical defense debuff with which the King curses its enemies

It is said that the King will not cast its debuff if no magic is used against it>

The reward for the Outcast > Tusk Town Criminals > Hsun and Friends > Mysterywood Fruit > Tusk Town Crisis > Home chain is level 55 arcane sleeves : ☆Howling Sleeves of Daybreak (see Quest Gear for NPCs and locations)

The reward for the The Lone Guardian quest and two trivial subquests is either Level 60 ☆☆Giant Ape Armor (heavy) or ☆☆Mystic Boots of the Watcher (arcane)

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