Southeast of Tellus City. A Town Portal cast anywhere in Gelid Plateau, Primal Remains and Frigid Bay will transport the character to Galeroar Town. Ones cast in Snowdragon Heights, Icespine Pass or Verdant Ravine, however, do not transport to Galeroar as might be expected, but to Forgotten Sanctuary

Joyce Edit

Joyce is one of the inhabitants of Galeroar Town, and a hub for the quests there. The player may well first meet her when directed to her location by A Fleeting Shadow quest, activated by passing northeast of Tellus City, outside the city walls

She activates many quests, most of which are continued by the people accompanying her.

Quests Edit

Many of these quests in this area move on to acquire the next quest automatically. This would unequivocally be the best way to handle quest chains were it not for the 20-quest limit. However, there is nothing stopping the player from Trashing the quest and re-obtaining it from the NPC later.

  • Searching for Truth : Each of the following quests gives 48,360 XP, 10,929 Spirit, and 4,352 Coin

Love Trial Tag - Berd =

Knowledge Trial Tag - Lenore =

Strength Trial Tag - Spirit Shadow Obsidian (SSO is up on the other hillside)

Protection Trial Tag - Gon Moe


  • Love - Berd - Joyce - The Necklace - Berd - The Truth Uncovered
  • Knowledge - Lenore - Berd - Weapons Drawn - should be Tellus City Elder - bugged?
  • Strength - Spirit Shadow Obsidian - Rage
  • Protection - Gon Moe - Joyce - Waiting Gon Moe. Gone Moe has gone and moved, but the attacking NPCs have not. Consequently, the minute spent Surviving has become a minute of Waiting. Previously, the Survival quest from Gon Moe, towards the end of the Protection Trial Tag line, required non-healing characters, doing the quest line at the minimum level, to have the maximum of healing potions and apothecary powders to survive, and to concentrate on that to the exclusion of other actions, such as killing the enemies-they just respawn anyway. Also, anyone in the area of Gon Moe when this quest was activated would be attacked by the bandits as well, and could be killed. If players find themselves in such a situation again, they are asked to please be considerate if they are the quest activator, or wary if they are the innocent bystander.

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