Desert island landscape east-southeast of Archosaur. Village of Naught and the northeastern outskirts of Sanctuary. The Emerald Dragon Gulf, with the Dragon City Steam and Sail Ship, lies to the north.

Teleport Chain : Dreamweaver Port > Village of the Lost > Sanctuary > Village of Naught. The teleport trip back to Archosaur costs 23,000 coins and it is quite easy to just fly to the Dragon City Ship and teleport for free

The Village of Naught Edit

Resources Edit

Main article: Resources

The area is predominantly (eight to 12 spawns) mid-grade resource spawns (Refined Steel, Fine Lumber, Anthracite, Rubstone Powder) by a small margin. There are very few spawns of each high-grade material (Steel Alloy, High-Grade Lumber, Charcoal, Corundum). Resource gathering generally is fairly easy, only a little hampered by tree cover and the few but steep hills. The ease of finding Steel Alloy, albeit only two spawns of it, combines well with the difficulty of finding it in the area surrounding Dreamweaver Port

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