For the Merchant
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Traveling Vendor Lei
King's Feast
(473, 426)
End King's Feast Chief
Level 54
Location Hill of the Old King
Black Mountain
Rewards Coins (2500)
Exp (42000),
Spirit (4900)
Ancient Bow is a Legendary Quest. I requires gathering 10 Taurox Skins in the Hill of the Old King.

Background Edit

This quest starts in King's Feast (473, 426). Talk to Traveling Vendor Lei and he will ask you to get him some Taurox Skins.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the Hill of the Old King and kill 10 Taurox Assassins to get their skins.

Description Edit

Traveling Vendor Lei at King's Feast wants you to go south of King's Feast to gather 10 Taurox Skins from the Taurox Assassins.

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